About Us

Who we are

Sun Renew Solar Pty. Ltd. is a proud West Australian owned solar company. We firmly believe in affordability, quality and efficiency, with our products being among some of the world's most renowned and trusted solar brands.

Coming from a background of having done installs for some big names in the solar industry, we know the difference between good and reliable systems and low-quality systems. Now we aid many West Australian homes and businesses finally become self-reliant in terms of electricity usage, without having to bust their bank accounts. Speak to one of our friendly consultants and see how we can help you today!

Our Mission


Sun Renew Solar Pty. Ltd. aims to RENEW the West Australian consumer market’s faith in the solar industry by providing its customers with the absolute best possible system with the right price to boot. We know the struggles the average West Aussie has in trusting the solar market, hence why we test the products ourselves before bringing it to you. Summed up in three simple words, Sun Renew Solar Pty. Ltd. is reliable, affordable and efficient – the three tenants of the basis of our proud organisation. So, are you sick and tired of being ripped off by your electricity provider? Feel like you simply cannot afford solar? Do you want to start saving large sums of money that you’ve been wasting away? Then Sun Renew Solar Pty. Ltd. is the place for you! Speak to one of our friendly consultants and see how we can help you today!

How we work

Before you get blown away by Sun Renew Solar Pty. Ltd. and the outstanding products that we do use, let’s see what you NEED for your home or business – why would you spend so much money on a system that doesn’t actually help you? There is no point in investing in solar if it cannot adequately cover your home or business’ needs. Hence, why we design the system to you and your usage – speak to one of our consultants today and see what options work best for you!